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White Haven Memorial Park NY
Section: Veterans, 1st Responders, Military, Police & Fire Fighters
Our Section R is a special area of White Haven Memorial Park that honors Veterans, First Responders, Military, Police and Fire Fighters and their families. This area is considered a “traditional” burial section, which means each plot can accommodate one burial and one memorial marker per plot. If you are unsure if you wish to be buried in a full body casket or a cremation urn...that is okay. You do not have to make that decision at the time the property is purchased.

In the north end of Section R there is a large stone monument surrounded by flagpoles and granite benches. This is a somber reminder of the sacrifices that were made during the Korean War.

On the south end of the property stands three granite towers in a special area we call, “American Standing Guard”. With a large bronze American Eagle taking flight off the middle tower demanding a pause to reflect what it means to be An American Hero. Each pillar represents one of three categories: Police, EMT and Fire Fighters, Military and Veterans. There are names engraved into the towers as a reminder of the hero’s we have lost.

About White Haven Memorial Park NY
White Haven Memorial Park is Rochester, NY's only memorial park. When you visit us, you will notice there are no tombstones for vandals to topple or to interrupt the flowing beauty of nature. Many people find this setting to be more uplifting than that of the traditional monumented cemetery.

With over 80 acres of forest and meadow yet to be developed, White Haven Memorial Park will be able to meet the community's burial needs for several hundred more years. As a certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, we try to conserve our natural resources and protect the great variety of wildlife living here. Throughout the park there are many areas that invite the visitor to sit and stay awhile. Settings like this provide a sense of comfort at a time of loss.

White Haven Memorial Park has several mausoleums for the above-ground burial of either casketed or cremated remains. Our substantial Permanent Maintenance Fund will provide for maintenance of these buildings, as well as the grounds. Each ground burial area has its own unique plantings or feature, such as the impressive monument we have to honor the veterans of the Korean War. White Haven Memorial Park honors our community's veterans by decorating the park with American flags on all flag holidays. Our two chapels and gathering room are available for private services, as well as community events. They are heated and air conditioned for year round comfort.

With all of the options you need in a variety of lovely settings, White Haven Memorial Park is truly a beautiful place to remember.

White Haven serves people of all faiths and traditions because we believe EVERY life should be remembered. Since we are a not-for-profit corporation, you can be sure that every dollar we raise will be used to maintain the park today and to preserve the park and the memories it contains for future generations.

Contact Us

White Haven Memorial Park NY
210 Marsh Road
Pittsford, New York, US 14534

Phone: 585-586-5250

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