CemLS# 34103
Lakeside Cemetery
Available Starting at: 
Section: Peace Mausoleum
Lot: Multiple crypts available
Description: Garden exterior wall crypts, Tier E
Price: $140/month for 60 months with $500 down and no interest

Pricing Plan:
Price for Peace Mausoleum's garden exterior true companion crypt, tier E: $140 per month for 60 months with $500 down and no interest. Please note that this is an entry level price. Prices for a companion crypt like this one range from $8,900 to $19,500 based upon location. Discounts on the crypt space are available for higher down payments or cash payments.
Beautiful family mausoleum space in Lakeside's Peace Mausoleum. Western New York's best value for families, here you can keep your family together forever as this space can accommodate 2 caskets and up to 6 cremation urns, or a total of 11 urns if no casket.

To learn more, call (716) 649-5507.

About Lakeside Cemetery
Calm. Peaceful. Tranquil.
These are just a few of the words that can only begin to capture the feeling you get at Lakeside Cemetery – where a recent "renaissance" restored the beauty of this historic Southtowns treasure. Your visit begins as you drive through the brick and wrought iron gates on Camp Road, and see the stately Lakeside Mausoleum and our beautiful new Peace Mausoleum, as well as the Field of Valor® for veterans. Many people are surprised to learn that this section is just one small area of Lakeside. Keep driving through the quiet forest, and the woods that surround you on both sides will soon open up to reveal the rest of Lakeside's 200-plus acres. Here, you will find monuments that date back to the late 1800s, as well as modern lawn-level and upright markers. You will find many affordable traditional and cremation burial options designed to match your needs. Most importantly, you will find a sense of peace as you walk among the rolling hills, winding paths, beautiful lake and gazebo, untouched forests, and other stunning features of our unique landscape.

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Lakeside Cemetery
4810 Camp Rd
Hamburg, New York, US 14075

Phone: 716-649-5507

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