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Section: Natural Burial
River View Cemetery has been the leader in providing families natural burial options since 2011. River View Cemetery does not limit a persons choice to just one area of the cemetery. Rather any space that is able to be used as a traditional casket or vault burial can be used for natural burial. Each person's decision about natural burial is a personal decision.

To learn more about natural burial or to ask any questions you have just fill out the form and one of our staff will contact you.

About River View Cemetery OR
Judging by exterior appearance only, many cemeteries may look similar to you. But when selecting a cemetery for yourself, or your loved one, there are important things to consider that may not be readily apparent. Here are a few of those things:

Cost savings. Most of Portland’s larger cemeteries are owned by large public stock companies, whose primary goal is to see how much money they can generate for their stockholders. River View Cemetery, on the other hand, is a non-profit cemetery, where you are the owner; there are no stockholders; and the goal is to save you money. Nearly always, the price for interment rights, merchandise and services will be significantly lower at a non-profit cemetery.

Local control. Rather than having corporate headquarters in some far-away state, River View is governed by a volunteer Board of Trustees who are members of the local community and are committed to the best interests of the cemetery as a result of having family members buried here. Anyone purchasing a grave, crypt, or niche, becomes an owner, by virtue of being a member of River View Cemetery Association; thereby becoming entitled to vote for the Board of Trustees at the Annual Membership Meeting.

Managed for perpetuity. Any cemetery that advertises itself as being an “Endowment Care Cemetery” most set aside a portion of funds from the sale of each grave, crypt and niche into an endowment care fund. Most, however, only set aside the state-required minimum. Whenever possible, which has been for nearly its entire existence, River View Cemetery has contributed double the amount to its Endowment Care Fund than state law requires. By doing this, our endowment care fund is much larger than any other cemetery in Portland. This is important to you because it means there will always be funding to keep the cemetery looking just as beautiful as it does now, long after the last grave space has been sold.

Advance planning, without the pressure. Here at River View, we encourage our clients to plan ahead, rather than making important decisions immediately after a death. But, unlike for-profit cemeteries, River View does not employ a high-pressure sales team. Without obligation, our representatives simply strive to make sure that our clients understand the choices available to them, so that they can make informed decisions.

Affordable, on-site funeral home and crematory. Also owned by the Association of members, River View has an on-site funeral home and crematory for your convenience.

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