CemLS #34049 - Forest Lawn

CemLS: #34049 - Available


Section: Section 19 Veteran's Field of Valor Cremation Annex 1 Lot: Multiple lots available Price: $500 per space

Plot Info

The Field of Valor™ Cremation Annex is a distinguished area designed exclusively for cremation burial of our esteemed military veterans and their spouses (additional cost for spouses). Here, each grave is marked with the simple, elegant lawn level granite marker.

Cemetery Info

There’s no place like Forest Lawn. As one of the first deliberately designed and professionally landscaped rural cemeteries in the United States, its first interment took place in 1850. Today, there are more than 165,000 permanent residents in this 269-acre, not-for-profit cemetery, where all are welcome. Each year, we’re proud to host thousands of visitors who come to enjoy all that Forest Lawn has to offer. Unmatched natural beauty – hills, valleys, lakes and streams. Sculptural masterpieces. Living history. Most importantly, the stories of those who now rest in peace under our care - from a U.S. President and foreign royalty, to captains of industry, artists, inventors, veterans from every U.S. conflict since the Revolutionary War and people like us who have quietly built the community that we and our families enjoy.


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