CemLS# 33884
St. Mary Cemetery and Funeral Center FD2263
Lawn: Padre Pio Lawn
Full body and oversize graves

About St. Mary Cemetery and Funeral Center FD2263
St. Mary Cemetery and Funeral Center is a full service provider of End-Of-Life care for the Catholic Community. We offer Catholic Rites for Funeral, Cremation, and Cemetery services. We cooperate with Parishes from Vigil to Mass and the Committal.

Funeral Directors and Family Services Advisiors are here to help guide you and your family if there is an immediate need. We can take care of the funeral and cemetery burial rites all under one roof. We work with Parishes or can host the Vigil and Funeral Mass in one of our Chapels.

Family Service Advisiors are here to meet with you to help pre-plan your funeral and cemetery services, having your wishes known and recorded. We encourage you to start the conversation and learn more about our pre planning Funeral and Cemetery service options.

St. Mary Cemetery offers families a wide selection of options for full casket and cremation burials, such as traditional upright monuments, traditional ground burials, family mausoleums, inside our Chapel glass front niches, and niche columbariums outside and inside.

St. Mary Funeral Home is a full service mortuary. We can take care of your loved one from time of death until their final disposition.

Contact Us

St. Mary Cemetery and Funeral Center FD2263
6509 Fruitridge Road
Sacramento, California, US 95820

Phone: (916) 452-4831

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