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Woodlawn Cemetery Detroit
Garden: Main Mausoleum
Section: Wooden Sarcophogus
Private Wooden sarcophagus for two people is $45,000

About Woodlawn Cemetery Detroit
At over 123 years old, this cemetery holds much of the history of the Detroit area within its borders. Monuments and mausoleums throughout the cemetery memorialize the lives of Detroit greats from the auto and music industries, key philanthropists to education, art and other causes, major political and financial figures and many others who served as an important part of history. With architectural structures modeled in ancient Greek, Egyptian and Roman styles, Woodlawn serves as an outdoor museum to be revered by all. These grand architectural structures eternally memorialize these important historical figures with solid and intricate design, built to be honored forever.

Founded in 1895, Woodlawn features a beautiful landscape in a park-like setting on 140 acres. A serene lake is located amidst the many memorials connected by miles of winding roads. The cemetery is in north Detroit, off Woodward, between 7 Mile and 8 Mile Roads, just opposite of the Michigan State Fairgrounds. A rich history and strong reputation as one of Metro-Detroit's most visited cemeteries ensures Woodlawn will be here for centuries to come.

Many of the mausoleums at Woodlawn were built by the Lloyd Brothers Monument Company using stone and stainless steel among other materials meant to last for eternity. These timeless structures were created in styles from ancient Roman, Greek and Egyptian civilizations.

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Woodlawn Cemetery Detroit
19975 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, Michigan, US 48203

Phone: 313-368-0010

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