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The Preserve
Section: 51
Lot: 103
This is a burial ground where memory joins with nature. All burials here must be free to return to the environment as nature intended. All materials must be biodegradable. Decorations must be native to Michigan. Memorial areas are native stones inscribed with the epitaph of the departed. This is truly a unique area for much of Southeastern Michigan and the State overall.

About The Preserve
Honoring traditions in a beautiful, untouched, natural environment in Southeastern Michigan. The green movement is all-inclusive and is a way of life for so many individuals and families. They have a wish for simpler, more basic choices. This belief system has inspired a renewed interest in natural burial and is the message behind The Preserve at All Saints.

The Preserve is a cemetery dedicated to natural burial, also known as “green” burial. Natural burial in a green cemetery provides a largely untouched landscape in which to inter an individual in the simplest of ways, with no embalming, or grave liners.

This allows the natural rhythms of life to take their course. Natural burial is the embodiment of the biblical proverb in Genesis so widely known: “From dust thou came, and to dust thou shall return.”

The Preserve is beautifully sited on Maceday Lake in Waterford, Michigan, next to — but separate from — All Saints Cemetery. Of the more than 30 acres that comprise The Preserve, a large portion abut the lake, providing it with a very serene and beautiful setting.

Furthermore, the property adjoins protected township and state land to form a contiguous parcel of natural woodlands, wildlife and bird sanctuary. In fact a May 2018 visit from representatives from The Audubon Society found that more than 40 different species of native birds were found on the grounds of The Preserve! Plants and flowers native to Michigan are contained within The Preserve to help further confer that “outdoor” and natural feel that makes this such a special state.

The Preserve at All Saints will continue to honor the important traditions of the funeral ritual, while burials are handled in a manner that is consistent with a nature preserve. Here open spaces are left as natural as possible, and uninterrupted by rows of tall granite markers and statuary.

A natural or green burial will appeal to those who are interested in conservation, parklands, ecology or the simple beauty of nature untouched.

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The Preserve
4401 Nelsey Road
Waterford, Michigan, US 48329-1057

Phone: 2486239633

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