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Sewickley Cemetery PA
Section: Cremation Garden
Our Cremation Garden is expressly for in-ground cremated remains burial. Landscaped with curved boxwood hedges and medium-sized trees, the sloping garden allows for both upright and flush markers. There are limits regarding the color, finish and height of upright markers in this section, but freedom within those limits for unique designs and shapes. Each lot can hold one or two sets of cremains.

About Sewickley Cemetery PA
Sewickley Cemetery has been serving and caring for the Valley's families since 1859.

Sensitive and professional service to our clients and high standards of care and maintenance of our grounds and gravesites are the hallmarks of Sewickley Cemetery. The beauty of our historic hilltop acreage, our reputation among our peers, and our attention to our families’ needs are our strongest assets. You are invited to tour the cemetery, browse our web site, or contact our office to learn more about how we safeguard history…here in one of the most stunning locations in Western Pennsylvania.

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Sewickley Cemetery PA
501 Hopkins Street
Sewickley, Pennsylvania, US 15143-0183

Phone: 412-741-4409

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