CemLS# 33474
Sunset Memorial Park NM
Block: 21
Section: 12
Grave: 6
Desirable, traditional ground burial plots in a sold-out mature section of Sunset Memorial Park. This grave sits among the majestic trees, located near the Praying Hands monument, and it offers seclusion and beauty year-round. Though this section of Sunset Memorial Park has been sold out for some time, occasionally individual properties like this one will come back onto our inventory, and are offered for sale to families. There are multiple graves currently available in this part of the Park, and each allows for double-depth burial, permitting up to two caskets to be placed in the same grave space as well as up to two sets of cremated remains.

About Sunset Memorial Park NM
Welcome to Sunset Memorial Park, New Mexico’s most beautiful cemetery. Its scenic charm, elegance and history are captivating. A majestic park-like setting, Sunset is the perfect place to celebrate and remember the life of someone special.

We are here to help you create a service worthy of your loved one and meaningful to family and friends.

Whether your wishes involve burial or entombment of casketed remains, scattering or ennichement of cremated remains, Sunset Memorial Park provides thousands of options in a serene setting unlike any other. As an endowed-care cemetery, the cemetery and mausoleum will forever be well maintained.

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Sunset Memorial Park NM
924 Menaul Blvd NE
Albuquerque, New Mexico, US 87107

Phone: 505-345-3536

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