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The Woodlawn Cemetery NY
Mausoleum: Family Private Mausoleum
Private mausoleums are custom built to provide the owner with the desired number of spaces and a memorial that reflects the tastes and heritage of those at rest. When building these beautiful family estates, customization can include the perfect building material which eloquently depicts the life and preferences of a loved one. Custom bronze doors create a beautiful entryway. Stained glass provides a unique portrayal of one's life, beliefs, and relationships. There are many beautiful and historic properties available for the construction of a distinctive private mausoleum.

About The Woodlawn Cemetery NY
Established in 1863, Woodlawn is an active, 400-acre non-sectarian cemetery. An oasis in an urban setting, more than 310,000 individuals are interred on its grounds and it attracts over 100,000 visitors from around the world each year. Recognized as one of America’s most historically significant properties, Woodlawn was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2011, joining a rarified roster of 2,500 sites nationwide. Described by the National Park Service as “a popular final resting place for the famous and powerful,” the cemetery is distinguished by memorials that “represent the largest and finest collection of funerary art in the country.”

Visitors come to Woodlawn Cemetery each year to see the monuments and mausoleums designed by the nation’s most accomplished architects, landscape designers and sculptors. Individuals, families and groups walk our grounds searching for the final resting places of many historic figures including artists & writers, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, great entertainers and jazz musicians.

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The Woodlawn Cemetery NY
4199 Webster Ave
Bronx , New York, US 10470

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