CemLS# 32911
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
Section: Holy Rosary Cremation Garden
Lot: Tier C
Row: 56
Cremation: St. John Columbarium
Attached you will see pictures of our beautifully landscaped Holy Rosary Cremation Garden, with five Columbariums (four for the four Evangelists and one with the Holy Cross feature) St. John, one of the four Evangelists and Patron Saint of love, loyalty and friendships, is the Columbarium listed above. The niche available is able to accommodate one to two urns. Benches are placed around the Columbarium for families to sit and visit with their loved ones. Holy Rosary sits behind All Saints Mausoleum, lined with cherry trees and fountain to create a peaceful area for prayer and remembrance. In addition, the pathway includes pavers that allow individuals or families to walk along and recite the Rosary. Please contact Holy Sepulchre Cemetery for pricing and additional information: Call 585-458-4110 or email info@holysepulchre.org.

About Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
Founded in 1871, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery’s natural beauty and historic architecture has grown over the years, garnering both praise and acclaim. At the time of its design, the most notable gardeners, horticulturalists and landscape designers consulted to make Holy Sepulchre Cemetery the standard of excellence in cemeteries in Monroe County and the United States.

Through proper stewardship over the years, the aesthetic beauty, pristine maintenance and architectural significance of our 340-plus acres continue. Today, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery offers many new sections, complimented by the magnificent architecture of Christ Our Light mausoleum. Holy Sepulchre is prepared to serve the changing needs of the community both today and tomorrow.

Contact Us

Holy Sepulchre Cemetery
2461 Lake Avenue
Rochester, New York, US 14612

Phone: 585-458-4110

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