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CemLS: #31579 - Available


Block: Camino Encantado "A" Section: CRT2E Grave: B,C,D,E-6

Plot Info

Exclusive (only 5 developed) Private Family Cremation Estate Niches. This Estate consists of 4 cremation niches stacked vertically, and covered by one integrated photograph done in porcelain baked on steel, sitting behind a clear tempered glass plate. These 4 niches can be opened individually, but together form the estate and one integrated vertical picture. This cremation estate sits between two panels of Carrera White marble, and is in the center of the newly developed Veteran's and First Responders Pavilion at Sunset Memorial Park. The Pavilion consists of three distinct "rooms" dedicated to Veterans and First Responders, though one not need to be a Veteran or First Responder to purchase property in the Pavilion. The overarching theme is patriotic, with one room displaying gorgeous Red Dragon granite niche faces, one room displaying beautiful White Carrera marble niche faces, and this third room having incredible Blue Pearl granite niche faces and a flagpole and blue granite fountain. This estate allows for the placement of four urns.

The purchaser has the ability to choose their own photograph that will span for four niches, or Sunset can provide one for them. Sunset has several dozen beautiful images in stock, and has a graphic designer on staff to help in creating that perfect, personalized family tribute. This is a newly developed section of Sunset Memorial Park, and multiple niches are currently available throughout, though only 5 of these special cremation estates exist.

Cemetery Info

Welcome to Sunset Memorial Park, New Mexico’s most beautiful cemetery. Its scenic charm, elegance and history are captivating. A majestic park-like setting, Sunset is the perfect place to celebrate and remember the life of someone special.

As a French Family Company, we deliver on the French Family standard of compassion and excellent service. We are here to help you create a service worthy of your loved one and meaningful to family and friends.

Whether your wishes involve burial or entombment of casketed remains, scattering or ennichement of cremated remains, Sunset Memorial Park provides thousands of options in a serene setting unlike any other. As an endowed-care cemetery, the cemetery and mausoleum will forever be well maintained.


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