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Block: Pueblo Esperanza Kiva Section: Memorial Panels Grave: 4

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Richly colored granite panels surround the inside of the Pueblo Esperanza Kiva Ossuary. Red granite, green granite, blue granite, and multi-colored granite panels are available, interspersed with hand-poured art glass windows, coloring the interior of the Kiva in gently colored beams of light throughout the day. Families choosing to memorialize a loved one placed elsewhere, or whose remains are placed in the Kiva Ossuary may purchase metal inserts that are engraved, and then affixed to the colored granite panel of their choice.

Cemetery Info

Welcome to Sunset Memorial Park, New Mexico’s most beautiful cemetery. Its scenic charm, elegance and history are captivating. A majestic park-like setting, Sunset is the perfect place to celebrate and remember the life of someone special.

As a French Family Company, we deliver on the French Family standard of compassion and excellent service. We are here to help you create a service worthy of your loved one and meaningful to family and friends.

Whether your wishes involve burial or entombment of casketed remains, scattering or ennichement of cremated remains, Sunset Memorial Park provides thousands of options in a serene setting unlike any other. As an endowed-care cemetery, the cemetery and mausoleum will forever be well maintained.


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