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Pinelawn Memorial Park
Section: Garden of Peace
The Garden of Peace, comprising 11 acres of Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum, contains generous groves of pine and shade trees, and overflowing azaleas, rhododendrons, and dogwoods. They surround one of the largest flowing bronze fountains in the country known as The Fountain of Peace, which is a spot of beauty and tranquility found amidst eight 40' tall stately marble columns. Pre-Planning options are available in the Garden of Peace. Please contact us to find out more about our interest-free payment program which will allow you to secure memorial property and safeguard an important family responsibility.

About Pinelawn Memorial Park
The Promise of Pinelawn

“The policy of Pinelawn is, and will be, to make it as beautiful and as tasteful as possible. Not merely by giving careful attention to all lawns, roads, foliage and flowers, and individual memorials but by developing a comprehensive park plan adapted to the size and resources of Pinelawn … by which beauty of each part will be designated to contribute to the beauty of the whole, thereby enhancing the dignity and solemnity of the entire park. And as cheerfulness is not inconsistent with solemnity, nor with love and reverence, every effort will be made to impart such an air of cheerfulness to all, as bright lawns and flowers, flowering bushes, stately trees and sunshine can bestow. Solemnity is not misery, and we believe that those at rest would wish their friends to be inspired and heartened by the beauty of their surroundings. Accordingly, under the advice of the best landscape and architectural authority, a scheme of remarkable magnificence befitting the size, dignity and future of this great park is being developed, through which Pinelawn will become as unique in beauty as it is in size.”

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Pinelawn Memorial Park
2030 Wellwood Ave.
Farmingdale, NY, New York, US 11735

Phone: 631-249-6100

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