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Ivy Lawn
Block: Legacy
Legacy is a secluded woodland garden intended for those who wish to cherish the natural world and who wish to choose a burial site that will provide perpetual beauty for the living as well as the dead. Legacy provides the families with the option of in ground garden burials with full size (28 X 16) individual markers. There are benches and walkways which help with accessibility. Legacy offers privacy and separation.

Cremation Gardens
To address the national trend toward cremation, a large number of spaces for cremated remains are available.

The many gardens within the glory of Ivy Lawn will accommodate burial of cremated remains. In addition, a number of garden burials with individual markers are available, as well as burials in upright monument locations. To embrace the needed individuality of every family, Ivy Lawn provides many styles of gardens to choose from.

We offer in-ground burial of urns, either single or double. The gardens designed for these burials will offer choices of grave markers, both in style and size, different locations which offer amenities unique to each garden area, and each garden offers a different feeling of character. We have tried to have something for everyone.

You can contact us directly by filling out your contact information on this listing and adding a message of what specifically you want information on.

About Ivy Lawn
We are committed to providing elegant, tranquil and environmentally sensitive interment space now and well into the future. Current burial sites include features such as gardens, historic areas, woodland gardens and scenic overlooks, and accommodate a wide range of memorial styles and interment options.

There are many burial options here at Ivy Lawn, from burial in the ground, to placement in indoor or outdoor niches, outdoor crypts or scattering gardens. Choose from a variety of settings, sizes, and price points. Whatever you select, your purchase includes endowment care which is the maintenance of the cemetery including all graves, niches, crypt and gardens.

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Ivy Lawn
5400 Valentine Road
Ventura, California, US 93003

Phone: 805-642-1055

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