CemLS #30151 - Arlington Cemetery

CemLS: #30151 - Available


Section: Monticello Mausoleum Lot: Inside Crypts - Varies

Plot Info

The Monticello Mausoleum is nestled among meditation gardens and contains both indoor and outdoor crypts for full entombments and niches for cremations. The design recreated essential aspects of the original Virginia home of Jefferson, featuring brass chandeliers and an authentic bronze bell inside the central dome.

Indoor and outdoor crypts and niches are available with a variety of memorialization options. Please use the contact form at the top of the page to request additional information or to schedule a visit.

Cemetery Info

Arlington's 130 acres are a beautiful, noble resting place, providing permanent memorialization for the departed, and a source of serenity for visitors. Families come here to remember a loved one, to pay respect to an ancestor they never met, and to leave with a feeling of connection to their past and a sense of peace.

The services and options we offer have continued to expand. Everything you need for a funeral, cremation, and burial can now be arranged in one convenient location.


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