CemLS #30135 - Arlington Cemetery

CemLS: #30135 - Available


Section: Melrose Lot: Varies

Plot Info

This section features flowering Dogwood and Cherry trees as well as flowering Rhododendron. Stately Oak trees and well manicured landscaping and plantings are also found throughout the section.

Spaces can be marked with flat bronze markers as well as upright granite markers. Memorialization options vary based on the lot size and location. Single or multiple family plots are available throughout the section. Your family lot can also be decorated seasonally with flowers from the Arlington greenhouses.

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Cemetery Info

Arlington's 130 acres are a beautiful, noble resting place, providing permanent memorialization for the departed, and a source of serenity for visitors. Families come here to remember a loved one, to pay respect to an ancestor they never met, and to leave with a feeling of connection to their past and a sense of peace.

The services and options we offer have continued to expand. Everything you need for a funeral, cremation, and burial can now be arranged in one convenient location.


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